Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Winter is coming

Thanksgiving is on it's way. Black Friday looms. Then Christmas is over. Winter is coming. Are your marketing efforts lined up like Jon Snow’s army of ragtag, but mighty warriors?

How you approach this holiday season obviously depends on your audience. B2B customers might switch off thanksgiving afternoon. But movie industry may get massive returns on blasting social media and email with entertaining content while entertainment-seeking millennials are escaping their drunk uncle by getting lost in their phone.

I always harp on it - know your audience. Imagine them coming home from work. Did they leave the office early on Wednesday? Did they have to grocery shop because family is about to arrive? Or are they headed to the airport to catch a flight home? Are the kids going to suck up their time so you need to catch them now? Are they going to be more drawn in with a five minute video after dinner or a quick meme because they have to run to clean up dishes? Or, are you better off skipping the holidays all together and invest in a massive marketing effort after all the retail marketing clutter slows down?

Whatever you do, realize thanksgiving evening, people will be on their phones. Post something engaging on social. Have a clear call to action “book now for the holidays” “save $10 today only!” Etc.

Of course you may be busy at thanksgiving yourself, so remember you can use tools like Buffer to schedule your posts.

Check it out.

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