Monday, August 14, 2017

3 books to go from elementary school to a graduate degree in lean marketing

I've recently been building landing pages for a buddy of mine who is in real estate and vacation rentals and the abilities these tools provide feels incredibly powerful.

But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Which reminds me of Spider-Man which reminds me of the latest Spider-Man movie, Homecoming, which reminds me that watching Game of Thrones right now makes me want to photoshop the "homecoming" font from the Spider-Man movie on a Game of Thrones poster. Right? Because everyone's getting back together? You know, sort of like the new Netflix series "Friends from College." which brings me back to this college-level education about lean marketing you're about to get from these resources. (Oh my lord how did I find myself back from that one?) 

There are tons of resources out there to learn more about growth hacking and lean marketing but down below are some of my favorite resources to help develop and build a process that works. But I didn't always have these resources.

When I was a recent college graduate and a new hire at a global company, I was hungry to figure out what makes people tick -- what makes people read more, think more about your product, and what made them act. I would often think about this when I planned, designed and wrote newsletters for that company... what would make my pieces work better? For instance, what color would be the best to grab people's attention or what combinations of words would make them do what we want them to more often? I started reading up on psychology and thought that was the answer. At the same time, I was analyzing day of week and time of day to identify the best time to send these newsletters -- something for which I could actually get data. What if I could combine the two!?

Of course I didn't get the jump and develop the tool to make me millions, but today, we have these tools at our finger tips. You don't need to know what will peform better. We don't need to study psychology, although that might help you get a head start. There are tons of landing page tools out there which can help you quickly design, launch, and run extensive lean marketing to improve and drive real results for your company.

These are some of my favorite resources that will give you a graduate degree in lean marketing: 

  1. Growth Hacker Marketing
    Ryan Holiday's super short book about testing and improving is actually a blog post that was growth hacked into a book. You can't help but feel like you're in the movie Inception. But the quick lessons it provides help you quickly understand the concepts and gives you a few tools to get started. 
  2. Inbound Marketing
    HubSpot's founders literally wrote the book on the subject. If Growth Hacker Marketing is the 5-min "how to" video on YouTube, this is the full course at Coursera. It dives into the concepts and describes in plain English how to put some of these concepts to work.
  3. The Lean Startup
    If Inbound Marketing is the course at Cousera, this is the graduate level course that gives you tools to not just market, but integrate these concepts into a full business. And then turn them around in build them back in to marketing practices. Time is a flat circle. 
  4. HubSpot's statistical significance calculator
    We're not all double majors in math as well, so use HubSpot's simply-explained statistical significance calculator to determine if you're "hugely important difference in performance" actually means anything. 
And there you go. You've graduated from Lean Marketing school, you've served time on the Knights Watch, you've created, tested and improved a bunch of landing pages and now you're home at your high school's homecoming game with a bunch of friends from college. Full circle.

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