Saturday, January 14, 2017

Your life's instruction manual

I'm reading a freakin great book right now. It's huge and packed full of wisdom for anyone and everyone. I got this one in my Christmas stocking and it must be one of the most inspirational gifts Santa could have gotten me. This giant dictionary-sized book, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, chronicles his podcasts over the years and filters drills down to the main lessons of the podcasts. Each podcast with an individual is organized into three large umbrella sections, healthy, wealthy and wise.

This book gives you some serious kick-ass advice on strategies and tactics to get you going in whatever direction you want to go in.

It was fun to see Ferris on the cover of Entrepreneur this month and in an Inc video talking about advice Derek Silvers (founder of CD Baby) doles out. Essentially, he says, don't be a donkey. A donkey will look at a pile of hay and bucket of water and can't decide which one to head to first. Hay? Water? Hay? Water. Finally, the indecisive ass (ha) dies. The donkey freaking dies. It's clear what the moral is, right? Obviously, you can only live three days without water but you can go three weeks without food. Dumb ass (ha again).

Tim Ferris Explains why you don't want to be a donkey
Ferris explains why not to be a donkey. Click for video at

This giant book by Ferris is a good deal for a book that will be opened many times as a thought starter and instruction manual for your life through the years.

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