Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to love your customers unconditionally

Honestly, this is a little mushy like Nicholas Sparks wrote a blog post on marketing and business. But it makes sense and I believe it is truth.

I was doing some laundry the other night (Gasp. I know, I'm admitting to being a real human and not just a marketing blogging super machine) and thought about how acts of service for my wife make her night good, and in turn, she might just do some chores in return, or, at the very least, I would see a glorious smile on her face that lights my life up. Perhaps you're gagging, or, if you loved The Notebook, this warms your heart. Onward.

In that very moment as I tossed the damp Dockers into the dryer, I realized that's on par with what excellent content marketing should be. You should honestly want to provide great service to your customers or potential customers to help them out, make them feel loved, or just plain give them a damn smile. Sure, that effort may go un-returned 50%, 75%, or even 90% of the time. It's undeniable that every reader isn't able to buy your service on the spot after reading some well-crafted content. But perhaps that 10% will be some of the best business you could ever hope for. Or, in 15 years, a lead at your new botinfluencer hypermarketing business will mention reading that content, you'll mention you wrote it, and you'll form an immediate bond that will grow into your biggest botmarketer client of the decade.

This is what content marketing is here for. This is how you should approach your content marketing. The more you sell, the more you boast, the more you try to serve yourself, the less customer love you will see. Just like real life.

So I believe, what it comes down to is, really love your audience. Care about them in your content creation. Give them your damn best. Love begets love, whether that's at home or with your customers.

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