Friday, January 6, 2017

Best books 2016: business


Business ain't just about marketing, although it's pretty close. For perspective on several other aspects of running and managing a business, these books carry a ton of weight on my book shelf. Also check out my favorite Marketing reads of 2016.

Key Performance Indicators: The 75 Measures Every Manager Needs to Know
Pros: incredible reference to get an overview of what big business uses to measure their business
Cons: dry, overkill for the smaller business
Bottom line: unreal detail about any measurement a business could track, there are a few key numbers a business of any size could track and use, but definitely gives you a wake up call if you aren't tracking any KPIs

Lean Startup
Pros: Ries is very engaging to read and will tell you how to start designing/launching/measuring/improving damn near everything you do
Cons: n/a
Bottom line: You should read this damn book as a textbook for how business should be run in this new digital world


The Carrot Principle
Pros: Shows you why you need to effectively recognize employees, basically, it helps or hinders anything and everything else you want to improve from profits to happiness
Cons: Reading it may be a little like eating your vegetables, I don't always want them, but I know I need them.
Bottom line: This is an incredibly thorough examination of recognition in the workplace and is a good read for anyone who manages or wants to manage human beings, and a serious must read for anyone who manages managers.

Why We Work
Pros: Small in size but huge in meaningfulness, Barry Schwartz effectively explains why you're wrong when it comes to how employees are treated
Cons: you may not like it if you think employees need a bonus to get anything done, otherwise, none
Bottom line: if you run a department, own a business or even want to figure out your own work/life, this is a great examination of our place in the evolution of the human workplace

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