Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Best books 2016: Marketing

I've read a ton of great books this year. You need to read, critically analyze and synthesize the information for yourself. For instance, I see a tremendous amount of business advice that tells you to sleep less to get more done, and a tremendous amount of advice that claims you can't do jack shit if you don't get a ton of sleep. Spoiler alert, you can't do both--i've tried. So to make this advice work, I've considered the people who are doling out this advice and decided those that recommend less sleep are those of endless energy who can't put down their pursuit of greatness, possibly because they still have parental issues and need to prove themselves. Apparently I'm Sigmund Freud. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am not one of these people, and I am a "greatness needs good rest" type. 8-9 hours a night. You might be different (also something I read once).

To gather more information and synthesize it, I read these marketing books in 2016. Check em out if you so desire. Links are affiliate links, so I'll get a few pennies if you buy em, but I'd recommend these without the kick back. Tune in soon to see my best business and just-for-fun books of 2016.


Growth Hacker Marketing
Pros: short read, kick you in the pants advice, great analysis of the current world of marketing
Cons: fairly short, but it started as a blog post which was slowly hacked up to book-level content, so the book, in itself, is an incredible lesson (so... not much of a con after all)
Bottom line: Good ideas and thought starters about the new marketing world in a short, rich read.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
Pros: quick and easy to read and breaks it down for you: just put together a damn marketing plan already (also see my 5K business plan post)
Cons: if your business needs more than one page, this won't be enough, but you can start here and google for more
Bottom line: Any and every business needs a marketing plan, so if you don't have one, use this as square one. If you do, this might be a good refresher and trigger key insights on something you may have missed.

Guerrilla Marketing
Pros: This gives you all the information you need to start and run marketing for a small business and even larger ones too.
Cons: Levinson can get a little wordy, but in my opinion, that's part of the charm of his style and helps me believe it too. However, the book is clearly written by an old-school marketer, referring to social media like your grandpa likely referred to your new VCR in the 80s as if it were "that new contraption on top of the TV."
Bottom line: if you own or run a business or run marketing or have anything to do with business, this is a must read. It will provide ideas for decades, which is why it's still in print in it's 4th (5th?) edition.

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