Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 (better) ideas for your restaurant's social media

I love --- LOVE --- great local restaurants and bars. Who doesn't. But after following some of my favorite local superrestaurants on twitter and instagram I've found a LOT of uninspired, bland advertising like "try this" and "check out that". I understand why these master chefs are cooking and not running a social media marketing firm. No offense, you guys, but there's a long way to go from photos of food to an engaging social media program.

Think about it. If a restaurant that serves $15 cocktails and 4 oz of pork priced at $30 posts "We recommend you try our hummus appetizer..."  -- well, I have a newsflash for you, it's not your damn tweet that's getting me in your door. I do love you, I really do, but with great food and great followers comes great responsibility.

Here are five post-worthy ideas for restaurants:
  • Retweet your fans photos of their visits. There have to be at least a few. Social media is, well, social. Get on the train. 
  • Give us a behind the scenes. Some of us know the biz, some of us don't. But either way some honesty and authenticity will go along way in building a relationship with us.
  • Ask to help name a dish. Post a photo of the chef's newest creation and ask us to help name it. I dunno. Sounds fun.
  • Run a poll asking about people's favorite dish or drink, at your restaurant, or not - gather competitive intel!
  • Tweet your restaurant's Snapcode (I know, I'm getting aggressive here, but if you have snapchat, why not?)
  • Tell us about a team member. The connection will help us feel like a part of your story. 

Social media is not a place for free, dry, bland advertising. That's what paid social media advertising is for (haha). Invest (and I use that word lightly, it doesn't take much) in some more creative applications and your results will multiply!

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