Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Marketing from Movies: The Bourne Identity

The fifth Bourne installment, Jason Bourne has hit theaters. I'm the guy who has to watch all the lead-up movies before seeing the next big installment. I did it with Star Wars (no big surprise there, as I watch the original trilogy nearly every quarter), I did it with Ghostbusters, and now I'm behind the bus for the Bourne series.

But enough about me -- what can we dig out of the first installment of one of the best series of all time?

The move opens with Bourne waking up with no knowledge of his past. He discovers key super-spy skills and, while he is somewhat forced to use them, he certainly doesn't avoid using his face smashing reflex, building wall climbing, or jumping-on-and-off-the-train tail losing skills.

So what's the lesson? If you or your business had carte-blanche amnesia tomorrow, you'd have to rely on what you reflexively knew how to do, or what you were already very good at. What does your business do so well, if it could look like a super young Matt Damon knocking out Parisian police in front of a snowy park bench? Focusing on you and your business's strengths will help you do that, less violently (I hope) to your competitors.

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