Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Your customers want you to know them

See your customers and know them better by surveying them
Magni-focus on your customers
by following the data
Who are your customers? 

At an international company marketing to small businesses, we thought we knew. Marching ahead, we developed advertising. It was clever. We placed the advertising. The publications were targeted at small businesses. And there was a solid call to action. Sign up. 

We kicked our feet up and waited for the results to start pouring in. Now, you expect me to tell you we fell flat on our faces. But honestly, we had growth. The ads drove some results. And we had the data that even showed the quality of the customer was above average. But at the end of it all, yes, we could have done better. A freaking lot better

We made the leap from small business target to small business publication. But we didn't dive into data we had at our fingertips to find out exactly who our current best customers are.

But If you too think you're missing the mark, there's no time like the present to survey and dig into the data. Your business may have seen growth and success. But if you don't know your customer, you are setting yourself up for lagging future growth. Make sure this doesn't happen by finding the right insights.  

What to learn about your customers:
  • Existing data: Leverage the data you have at your disposal to find patterns and strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Surveys: Not sure what your customer wants? Ask them. Learn from it, but take their answers with a grain of salt and test their feedback with bite sized experiments. 
  • Public data sources: There are several local and national data sources available to the public.
  • Paid/industry data: Some companies offer industry-specific marketshare and other data. Sometimes this is only for the big dogs, but it might make sense to see how you stack up in your neighborhood, if the data's there. 
We can help you set up that survey, interview your customers, dig into data, and start driving insights to drive future growth. 

Contact us today to get started.

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